Meet our guests! Please click on a link or photo...

If you've just taken your pets home from us and are looking for their holiday photos, or if you want a better idea of what you and your pet can expect, then you're on the right page!

We've had so many guests since we started that the one page I planned for all the photos became too large, and so I've had to split it up, and there's also a bit of a backlog putting the pics on to the web. Please click on one of the following links or photos (which are in no particular order) to see the rabbits, guineas, hamsters, gerbils and rats at play or just chilling out in our hotel....

PAGE 1: Hobey, and Patch
PAGE 2: Willow Leech, and Skats (aka Koot, or Kootie)
PAGE 3: Marmalade and Fizz, and Pumpkin
PAGE 4: COMING SOON... Minky, Magic, and Panda
PAGE 5: Fluffy & Snowy, Tiffin & Fudge
PAGE 6: Moby and Maggie (coming soon), Blacky, Fluff (coming soon)
PAGE 7: Honey, Rosie and Emily, Flo and Bobby (coming soon)
PAGE 8: COMING SOON... Superman, and Clem
PAGE 9: COMING SOON... Fraggle, Scholesy, and NipNip
PAGE 10: COMING SOON... Bobby, Mona and Amy

HobeyPatchWillowSkatsMarmalade and FizzPumpkinFluffy and SnowyTiffin and FudgeBlackyHoneyRosie and Emily

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