Where Your Pets Will Stay

We promise to look after your pets as if they were our own. Your pets will be homed in a secure, spacious outbuilding with clean hutches and large indoor playpens for exercise. You can see our playpens below, they've been a huge hit with our guests! To see our facilities in use, visit our Guests' Gallery.

We're keen for our pets to spend as little time as possible in their hutches, and have noticed that the larger the living area they have, the happier they become. So we extend this philosophy to our guests and will give them as much time as possible either in an indoor playpen, or, weather permitting, in an outdoor run with the bridges and tunnels and hidey holes they love so much.

 Your pets should also have large hutches and ours are of a size larger than that recommended by the RSPCA - they're 5' long, 2' deep and 2' 4" high, so even a large rabbit can stand fully erect with no problem! We also have two-tier hutches complete with stairs leading from floor to floor and we're currently working on even better living arrangements, but for now, check out the pics below...
Two-tier hutch

We also hate dirty hutches and so hutches are kept clean daily, and are completely cleaned out every other day and fresh bedding is put in. Once a week, or between boarders, we disinfect them. We NEVER allow guests to mix, except for pets brought to us already in groups. Mixing can lead to disease, fighting, or pregnancy, and is not fair on the animals, so we always keep our guests separate. We also agree with the RSPCA that rabbits and guinea pigs should NOT be kept together. Rabbits can sometimes be temperamental and aggressive, and can easily do serious injury to a guinea pig.

The outbuilding has been made completely safe from predators and so there'll be no need to worry about any cats or foxes being able to break in. And when out of their hutch, your pet will be supervised at all times. All animals will have a daily supply of fresh hay and grass, assorted fruit and veg (according to their taste!) and of course fresh water. We put a vitamin C enriched carrot solution in all guinea pigs' water to ensure they're not missing out on this vital vitamin as guinea pigs, unlike many other mammals including rabbits, cannot produce their own vitamin C.

If you wish to visit us prior to booking your pet's stay, that's fine by us. Just contact us to arrange a time and date. You'll find all our contact details on our Booking And Contact page.