Frequently Asked Questions

We're often asked the same questions by people wishing to board their pets here, so I thought it might be a good idea to include an FAQs page to help everyone out and make things clearer.

Can I come and have a look around before I bring my pet?

Yes, of course - just get in touch - our contact details are on our booking and contact form page - and we'll arrange a date. You can pretty much arrange a date and time to suit you as there's almost always somebody here to show you around, but please don't turn up unannounced as we are a working farm and need to ensure everyone is safe.

How do I book my pet in? Do I need to fill in a form?

No need for a form, all we need to book is the dates and your pet's name! The only form you need to fill in is the booking form which we ask you to bring when you drop your pet off.  This has yours and your pet's details and emergency contacts so we know who to get in touch with in case your pet is ill. You can download a copy of it from our Booking & Contact page.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

No, we don't need a deposit to secure your booking, it's too much messing about!

Will my pet be able to play out?

Yes, of course, we believe in giving all pets as much time out of their hutch as we possibly can, and we have large indoor playpens which have been a big hit and are full of toys for them, as well as good entertainment for us. 

Will my pet be mixing with the other boarders?

No, definitely not! We NEVER allow guests to mix with each other as it can only lead to bad things like fighting or pregnancy, and isn't fair.

What if my pet becomes ill?

If we notice any change in your pet's health for the worse, we will immediately contact you or your emergency contact to discuss the situation. If we believe any veterinary treatment is necessary, then we would ask for you to arrange a family member or friend to collect your pet and take it to see the vet.  However, if you have nobody available, with your permission
we will then transport your pet to your vet (if it's not too far away) or to our vet (who is good with small animals) free of charge. We'll follow the advice of the vet regarding the treatment they believe your pet may need, and your pet will be treated in your name, and the vets' fees will be chargeable to you upon your return to collect your pet.

If your pet needs extra care while ill, we may decide to take them home with us to keep a closer eye on them.

Do you check for flystrike?

Yes, more than once a day. We clean the bottoms of bunnies who become dirty, and have lots of fly papers and fly repellant plants and scents to keep flies away.

How big will my pet's hutch be?

We home pets in the largest hutch we have available, and like to put livelier pets in two-tier hutches as they enjoy running up and down the stairs. The smallest hutch we have is 4' by 2', but we never put rabbits in a hutch smaller than 5' by 2'.

What do I need to bring with my pet?

Only enough of their usual dry food to last the stay, as we can't stock every type and a change in diet can cause upset tummies. We supply everything else - fruit, veg, bedding etc. but you can pretty much bring anything you want if you think it will help your pet feel more at home.  We often ask that water bottles/bowls, feed bowls and litter trays are brought when you drop you pet off as these items have the scent from home which helps your animal to settle.

How often do you clean the hutches?

Every day, and they're disinfected twice a week and between boarders. Bedding is completely changed as and when required.  No expense is spared for hygiene and welfare.  

How long have you been running the pet hotel?

The Pet Hotel has been established for over 15 years

What will you feed my pet?

We feed them according to your instructions, which we follow to the letter, so we don't upset their routines.

When do I have to pay?

Payment is due the day you bring your pet, this is so we don't get people dumping unwanted pets here.  Cash or cheques are accepted made payable to William Place.

How do your look after small pets which aren't rabbits or guinea pigs? Where do they stay?

If you want to board another kind of small pet, like a hamster or gerbil, please bring your own cage, as we only offer hutches at the moment. We look after them according to your instructions, and only board a small number at any one time so they get the proper care.

Do I have to bring my pet, or will you collect and bring them back?

We can collect and deliver your pet if you like, but only at certain times and days, so please ask us first about this.  We can provide a price for this service should it be of interest to you.  

Do you look after house rabbits?

Yes, about half of our guests have been house rabbits.

I want to board my pet in Winter, do you have any heating?

The pet hotel's well protected from the elements.  However, for additional charges we can care for them in our garage area which has a granny-flat situated above so this is a heated building in comparison to a usual garage area.  

My pet has medical conditions, will they be able to stay?

If the condition is contagious, or serious, no. But we're pretty used to dealing with pets with complaints such as tooth problems, and special diets, so no need to worry about that.  Please note if any pet requires the administration of medication there is an additional charge of 50p per administration.  Again, please ask for a price should it be required.